Uploading Flight Logs to AirData UAV


Every professional drone pilot understands the importance of having good quality post-flight logs at their disposal at all times.

They serve not only as analytical data to understand the events that unfolded during flight, but also as historical record of flights in compliance with regulations and predictive maintenance of onboard components & batteries.

How to configure log synchronization with AirData UAV

to start enter the flight logs section from the main screen of the app..

tap on settings…

enter your AirData upload token and that’s it

where retrieve the upload token

go to airdata.com and log in, the click on “My account”

click on Auto Upload Token

here you AirData Upload Token

If you are logged in on airdata.com you can just follow this link to go the Upload token page: https://app.airdata.com/main?a=account&apage_id=auto_upload_token

How upload Flight Logs to AirData.com

once your upload token is configured, simply tap the upload button to sync the desired logs with airdata.com