Maven Lite 1.0 (Android)

Maven for Android is here!!
This is the first version of our app for Android devices! Tons of updates are expected in the coming months

Includes a faithful virtual co-pilot who will help you pilot the drone, allowing you to perform maneuvers such as:

  • POI spotlight
  • GPS Follow/Track ME
  • Cable Cam
  • Automatic Orbit

The app is compatible and optimized for:

  • Mavic Air
  • Mavic Air 2
  • Mavic Air 2S
  • Mavic Mini
  • Mavic Mini 2
  • Mavic Mini SE
  • Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual
  • Mavic 2 Enterprise
  • Mavic 2 Pro
  • Mavic 2 Zoom
  • Mavic Pro Alpine
  • Mavic Pro Platinum
  • Mavic Pro
  • Spark

Virtual Copilot

  • a totally new feature to the app, especially useful for drones without native Point of Interest functionality (e.g. Mavic Mini)
  • choose a point on the map, then ask the copilot to control the Yaw Rotation and the camera to look at that point while you are free to manually fly the drone
  • the copilot has also more advanced skills like “orbit” ,”Follow / Track ME”, “cable cam” , check the manual
  • the copilot will open the door to great shots even to inexperienced pilots!

Follow ME! *

a complete GPS follow functionality that include

  • -Track Me (follow from any direction)
  • -Altitude follow**
  • -Orbit while follow
  • -automatic home point update
  • -live follow parameter update

* requires a GPS-equipped device
** requires a Barometer Sensor-equipped device

Cable Cam

Unique function that allows you to take smooth shots of your points of interest. Also great for creating hyperlapses.


Orbits to the max! No other app allows you the flexibility to change orbit radius and speed while it’s running! A real fun

AR Localizer

  • You have three Augmented Reality Localizer that will help you orient yourself on the Drone video feed.
  • The green locator will always show the Home position, the red one will show you the Position and Distance of a Point of Interest that you can choose on Map. The blue one show the GPS position of the piloting device
  • GPS Error, compass error or barometer sensor error could affect the accuracy of the localizer but will always be a great help to find your destination.

Complete access to all camera settings

Sync flight logs to AirData UAV

Maven Lite

The variety of android devices is so high that we can’t be sure it works on every device, and we can’t test them all, so to avoid selling you an application that might not work we decided that you can download and try the application for free.

It will be impossible to record videos from the drone while using the virtual copilot. Video recording will be unlocked via an in app purchase

The app require Android 7 or higher.
A device equipped with GPS is required for “follow / track me” functionality.
A device equipped with Barometer sensor is required for ” altitude follow” functionality.

what is the difference between Maven and Maven Lite? (click here)

Maven Lite 1.0.1

  • Added the ability to use the phone vertically in some activities for user convenience
  • Minor bug fixes

Maven Lite 1.0.2

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the app to crash if attempting to access flight logs without first granting the app access to files

Maven Lite 1.0.3

  • Fixed an issue that prevented some information from displaying correctly on the screen when the user selected a custom system font size.
  • Fixed an issue that could crash the app when the user didn’t give permission for the app to know the exact location.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the drone’s location from appearing on the map.

Maven Lite 1.0.4

  • Optimized the interface for displays smaller than 5 inches
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent some settings from displaying correctly on some devices
  • Improved stability

Maven Lite 1.0.5

  • Italian language added (other languages will be added soon)
  • Added voice feedback for take off, landing and return home
  • Minor graphical improvements

41 Replies to “Maven Lite 1.0 (Android)”

  1. Hi, does the purchase of the license enable full functionality over multiple android devices of the same owner/account?
    Actually seems the Maven Lite app asks for a license purchase for each device 🤔..
    Is this a bug of 1.0 release?

  2. Ho installato la Maven Lite su un DJi RC pro , tramite APK , installazione Google Play non avviene , problema generale il drone Air2S si collega e si scollega di continuo , non rendendo possibile nessun comando sicuro . Usando DJI Fly stesso problema collega e si scollega di continuo . Rimuovendo App MavenLite il tutto si ripristina e DJI Fly funziona correttamente . Invece usando DJI RC -N1 tutto funziona alla perfezione ottima App ottime funzioni finalmente per Android , sicuramente acquisterò versione Pro . Spero di essere stato utile con queste info . Grazie e Buon lavoro . Roberto

  3. Io ho installato Maven Lite sullo Smartphone One Plus Nord Lite e funziona alla grande.
    Sin dalla prima prova aieri che l’ho testato su un area abbastanza aperta (un grande chiesa con grandi spazi intorno) e mai il piu’ piccolo problema.
    Grazie a Michele per questa app che semplifica tutti i voli anch eper chi non è un mostro di bravura.

  4. salve. possiedo un android s22 utra aggiornato però quando collego il mio mavic mini 2 con maven le immagini della fotocamera si bloccano. ho provato anche con il mio note 10 plus però funziona. cosa potrebbe essere con s22 ultra?

      1. Tem sim, é só ir em configurações e na parte de baixo da tela tem a opção RTH para você configurar.

  5. Hi, not had chance to fly with the android lite version yet, however I’ve noticed a couple of “bugs” and want to report them.

    In the photo settings on my mini 2 the auto picture timer shows as low as 2 seconds, however it won’t actually allow me to select anything less than 5 seconds. Unsure if this is a hardware limitation of the mini 2 or not?

    On photo and video modes, none of the grid options are showing after selecting them.

    Ill post up anything else if I find them 👍

  6. Смартфоны без гугл сервисов как установить мавен лайт и как оплатить?

        1. нелегко сказать, телефонов Android слишком много, чтобы проверить их все, поэтому приложение можно попробовать бесплатно

  7. Hello.
    Maven (iOS or/and Android) have ONLY track/follow ME mode?
    (I could track another moving object, not the remote control?)
    If I understood correctly, follow me receives the coordinates of the remote control and “looks” towards it.
    Can I follow another moving object with this application? (Probably requires image processing.)

  8. Hi,
    I’ve recently purchased rec feature for Maven Lite.
    I’d like to use followme while skiing. Do anyone use it in such scenario?
    I’ve noticed some problems.
    1) the tracking is too unaccurate. The camera points the blue point to about 5-6 m from me.

    1. 2) follow altitude is not working, as my Samsung A32 seems not having barometer. Is it possible to use GPS instead? My phone detects the altitude with it.
      3) As touching the screen stops the tracking it is quite difficult not to touch it while skiing or doing any sport. Is it possible to limit to STOP red button only?

      Thank you.

      1. can’t use GPS for altitude tracking, accuracy is too low.
        there is an on-screen “lock button” when tracking is active to lock RC stick input and touch input, until you unlock it again with the same button.

        1. Thank you for the quick reply.
          I’ve noticed that also jimble does not follow me as expected as it does not detect the change of altitude. I made this test by selecting cable-camera function with follow me with yaw and pitch selected. The yaw seems to be working (even if not accurate), but pitch does not. So if the object changes altitude, it goes out of frame. I believe that it’s very important to use GPS for altitude at least for pitch handling…
          Also, are you planning to implement active track following object selected on the image like native application? This could simplify tracking also without barometer..

          Hoping to see those features in upcoming release..

          Thank you for all your efforts!

  9. Bon jour
    peut on lire les videos enregistrées directement de l’application maven comme dji fly??
    merci infiniment pour votre implication

  10. Con il mio redmi note 10 pro il mini 2 non si connette e vedo lo schermo con i dati ma la telecamera è scura, mi dice che mancano le autorizzazioni, ho pagato già i 5 euro per poter filmare foto e video ma niente, mi potete aiutare? Grazie, questa app mi piace tanto, soprattutto per il follow me del mio stupendo mini 2, grazie

    1. purtroppo ogni telefono android ha le sue peculiarità, per quello diamo la possibilità di provare l’ app prima di acqustarla. Senza lo specifico hardware in mano facciamo fatica a trovare il problema. Se non le funziona, per ora, possiamo solo consigliarle di richiedere il rimborso su google play.

  11. Здравствуйте, в россии как оплатить мавен лайт ?гугл плей не видит мою карточку (

    1. Привет, я знаю о проблемах с оплатой в google play в россии, к сожалению на данный момент это единственная платежная система доступная в приложении

  12. Hi I have bought the autopilot function for Maven Lite.Please guide me if I have to buy the app also in the near future once all functions get activated.Also if I buy it for IOS is it a yearly subscription or a lifetime one with a single payment.Waiting for your reply eagerly.

    Thanks and Regards from India for making such a wonderful app.

  13. Hi, Downloaded Maven lite V1.1.1, using mini 2 and ther is no screen. Meaning I cannot view video/photo feed at all. Copilot enabled. Have installed app twice and still no cam feed from mini 2. Is this a bug? Or is there a simple solution like an erroneous setting from beginning? Please help.

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