Maven For Android – (beta)

###24/12/2022 update Maven Lite is now available for download on Google Play

original post:

The application is in a beta stage and we are working to reach the Play Store as soon as possible.

At launch the application will have very limited functions and will then be completed with subsequent updates

The android app will be called “Maven Lite” until it is fully functional of its iOS counterpart

The first feature available at launch will be the “virtual co-pilot” and will have all the capabilities of the iOS version including, follow me, orbit me, and cable cam

The variety of android devices is so high that we can’t be sure it works on every device, and we can’t test them all, so to avoid selling you an application that might not work we decided that you can download and try the application for free.

It will be impossible to record videos from the drone while using the virtual co-pilot. Video recording will be unlocked via an in app purchase.

This is one of the last tests:

Test with Maven for Android

IMPORTANT, currently Maven for Android is NOT available for download on any store or site. Until its availability is announced on this page, any “APK” you find on the internet is in all probability a scam

### UPDATE ###

Maven Lite is now available for download on Google Play
here is the link:

Maven Lite

14 Replies to “Maven For Android – (beta)”

  1. Hi there
    Will the Android version be available to use on the DJI Smart Controller and the Crystal Sky monitors?


  2. Salve ho appena installato la versione lite. La app come completa il caricamento si chiude. Ho provato più volte a reinstallare l‘applicazione ed anche a riavviare il telefono (Android) ma il risultato non cambia. E’ possibile fare qualcosa?
    Rimango in attesa di un vostro cortese riscontro.

  3. Buona sera, serve la dji fly installata sullo stesso dispositivo Android per far funzionare maven? Riesco a farla partire ma vedo la cam del drone (display nero con i comandi).

  4. Speriamo esca presto la versione completa anche per Android.
    Purtroppo il mio dispositivo IOS non è più disponibile e l’uso della funzione waypoints mi manca tantissimo

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