Maven 3.11.6 – change log

  • Fixed incompatibility with the Air 2S and the latest firmware (October 27, 2022)
  • Now with the mini, mini2 and mini SE the load mode (propeller cage) is automatically disabled when needed (most of the app functions require it to be disabled)

Maven 3.11.5 – change log

This update contains bug fixes and performance improvements:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented WiFi-only iPads from showing drone distance
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the map from working correctly when a drone was connected but had not yet locked onto the GPS satellites
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the exposure lock button from being visible on some devices
  • Reduced the size of augmented reality trackers
  • Reduced CPU load when using virtual stick missions and when using virtual geofences, optimizing processes and eliminating unnecessary ones

This update does not contain new features, but we believe it is important that all existing ones should work at their best, and there is always room for improvement.

I leave you with a video of a test done with this latest version of Maven running on an old iPhone 5S

12 Replies to “Maven 3.11.6 – change log”

  1. Looking forward to testing the Maven product with my DJI Mini 2 Drone to see its performance with your product, thanks.

  2. Sorry for the inconvenience, i am the owner of a mavic mini 1 with the waypoint function works fine, while with copilot it tells me that it is disabled . I use an apple ipad air 2.

    Giuseppe Riva

  3. There are settings which cannot be done in Maven (3.11), but requires DJI Fly. Examples are: yaw and pitch speeds. Other settings CAN be done in Maven and also in DJI Fly.
    It will be helpful with a table of all settings, showing in which App they are set. It will save pre-flight time. Please.
    Thanks for an otherwise great App that has increased my joy of drone flying a lot!

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