Message from DJI

this morning this message appeared on the DJI developer portal, and it doesn’t sound good ..


on the one hand we are reassured that we can continue to update our apps, we have a very interesting updates roadmap with many new features for Maven and we would be really sorry to have to abandon it

on the other hand we are a little worried about the support for the new drones, we obviously think of the mini 2 or the brand new DJI FPV where according to DJI the SDK will no longer be updated for iOS until they solve the question with Apple

We have a lot of work to do to bring Maven to android, and since the problem is not related to that platform, surely this message brings priority (which we need) to that work.

I am pretty sure that two big companies like Apple and DJI will work to resolve the situation in the common interest as soon as possible 🤞, we will keep our attention on the matter.