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our site is online! 

This will be the reference point to get all the information on Maven, the fastest growing app in the sector! It is thanks to all the comments we receive daily that we improve the app! Stay tuned, more news are on the way.

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6 Replies to “Hello mavenpilot.com”

  1. I’m confused. There’s Maven, VR2 (both of which I’ve downloaded and paid for) and there’s VR Pro. What’s the difference between all of them? Do I need more than one app? Don’t they all offer the same things? I’m flying a Mavic Air 2. Thanks for clarifying.

  2. I have a Mavic Air 1 and your list shows it is compatible. How do I connect it? I open the DJI go app then Maven, but will not connect?

    1. Hi,
      the app is fully compatible with Mavic air (first gen), just connect the remote and the picture of the drone should appear on the screen, if not maybe you got some problem with the activation of the app: the app need to be activated by a DJI server at first launch (just one time) so it requires internet connection. If you got internet connection a still got an “activation error” maybe the DJI server that activate apps is temporary down, just try later. Also please check if you got some restrictions in your connection (VPN, firewall, proxy) that my prevent your device to reach the DJI server. Normally this activation process is transparent to the user (If the app is activated no message appear on screen) I’m sure you will be able to connect your drone to the app, just try again. if you need further assistance please send email at info@mavenpilot.com

  3. Hi first
    I tested the Maven app with my DJI Mavic Air 2, the waypoint function works very well, best program I’ve ever had, only the one with the orbit I am not currently writing, but my suggestion or improvement would be!
    Maybe it is possible to fly to any WP during the waypoint and activate the function 360 degree images, then the automatic should continue the mission 🙂
    or To fly an orbit or something like that automatically, is that planned?
    Thank you very much
    LG Torsten

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