Uploading Flight Logs to AirData UAV

Overview Every professional drone pilot understands the importance of having good quality post-flight logs at their disposal at all times. They serve not only as analytical data to understand the events that unfolded during flight, but also as historical record of flights in compliance with regulations and predictive maintenance of onboard components & batteries. How… Continue reading Uploading Flight Logs to AirData UAV

Maven 3.8 – Elevation API

Maven app has just been updated again.In this update we have included 2 new features that will greatly help you plan your mission1) Above ground (altitude option)2) define Mission “by Flight” both new functions will help you define the mission where the heights of the terrain or the object you want to shoot are unknown… Continue reading Maven 3.8 – Elevation API

Maven 3.6.5 – Precision

Maven just got updated! Improvements in various aspects and parameters for missions to waypoints and more. The complete change log after this video on the update’s tasty feature, hey! also take a look on our updates road map Maven 3.6.5 change log: -Improved positioning accuracy in waypoint mission planning (and execution) : now when you… Continue reading Maven 3.6.5 – Precision