Maven 3.6 – Copilot

Maven 3.6 is available on the app store! It brings improvements to all the functions of the app and introduces a whole new function: the virtual co-pilot! Watch the video to find out what it is and how to use it! Check also the complete change log after the video

-Virtual Copilot

a totally new feature to the app, especially useful for drones without native Point of Interest functionality (e.g. Mavic Mini) choose a point on the map, then ask the copilot to control the Yaw Rotation and the camera to look at that point while you are free to manually fly the drone.

The copilot has also more advanced skill such as “orbit” and “cable cam” , check the included manual.

The copilot will open doors to great shots even to inexperienced pilots!

-Waypoint Mission Improvement:

1)Mission trimnow you can choose which waypoint to start and end the mission from without deleting waypoints

2) Interval photosnow you can take photos at intervals between waypoints, based on time or distance

3)rewrote the virtual stick algorithm again for drones without native waypoint mission capabilities (mavic mini and mavic air 2) you will see a big improvement in smooths in speed and direction changes

– Faster head tracking speed option in VR mode

-Improvement of the user interfacenow camera controls can be minimized for a less cluttered interface

-Added device charging options for remotes that allow it

-Fixed a bug where the corner radius of the second waypoint could not be saved in some situations

14 Replies to “Maven 3.6 – Copilot”

  1. Hello 🙂
    Do you have any idea for the compatibility with the mini 2
    I love your program with my mavic pro 1

  2. Hi. Just bought the app. Looking forward to try the waipoints. Will you add “Follow me” in the future?

  3. Hello. I use a iOS mini tablet non cellular or an iPhone 7 without sim as my monitor for my Mini 2. Before I buy Maven, is there a way to use the waypoint mapping function without any GSM connection whilst out in the field?

  4. Chiedo scusa per la domanda stupida ma se dovessi programmare waypoint intorno ad una collina e durante il volo il drone perde il segnale del telecomando. Il drone completerà il volo seguendo i satelliti oppure farà il ritorno automatico. Grazie per la risposta

    1. Ciao, dipende dal drone usato, non tutti sono in grado di volare in maniera completamente autonoma. Nei “nuovi droni” (esempio Mini 2) DJI ha rimosso questa capacità

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